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Portfolio 2024

Step into the world of the remote, but unique and rich arctic through my creative lens

Marbleized Geode Full Green and Gold

Photograph: Antti Huhtala, 2024

Marbleized Geode Full Green and Gold

About Me

raised by the north, ever so inspired by the remoteness and complexity of the arctic

"multi-sensory madness creates experiences like no other"


Master of Arts - University of lapland

Design and arts educator from 2022


all photographs by me unless stated otherwise.

Marbleized Geode Full Green and Gold
Marbleized Geode Full Green and Gold

Artistic works

i have worked quite a bit with textiles, that is my main medium in my art. my main focus is to explore how textiles create a special bond to people, whether it stems from its sensory dimensions or if it is a generational attachment.

i also am very interested in other mediums as well and i try to explore new things as i create. click here for more!

Marbleized Geode Full Green and Gold

distaffs of ostrobothnia, february 2024

series of artworks depicting the rich cultural folk art of distaffs from the region of ostrobothnia.

artist of the month, faculty of art and design, university of lapland. Galleria lovisa, Rovaniemi.


Available for purchase, click for more www.instagram.com/studiowathen

Pehmeät Spektrit

Available for purchase, click for more www.instagram.com/studiowathen

A group exhibition of three textile based artists, exhibited in february-march 2024 in Galleria värinä, Rovaniemi, Finland.

new northern contemporary art connected by the artistic openings related to humanity, feelings, experiences and lived environment, which together with the written manifesto convey a strong message for the intervowen strands of spectrums that you might find in textile art.

my series of artworks speak about taboo, becoming a man, religious trauma and generational triggers. things that makes us humans experiencing this very physical but also a spiritual world.

Details of the exhibition and some of the artworks, available for purchase, click for more www.instagram.com/studiowathen

Marbleized Geode Green Sliced Stone Amethyst


bigenerational art exhibition of the arctic environment

Tunturi-Lapin luontokeskus

Duottar-Sámi luondduguovddáš


enontekiö, Finland, Spring 2022

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Hämärän hahmot, figures in the dark

ink, watercolour and acrylic paint on paper , 2021 40 x 50 cm

"When you walk on the fell,

you are never short of friends."

Marbleized Geode Jade Green Sliced Geode


A Photography series about the acceptance (or lack of it) and challenges of ones queer identity in the arctic circle

Part of the open call curated

by the the arctic Pride

meijän elämä -

Our life - Art exhibition

Library of Rovaniemi,

Finland, spring 2021

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Bottoms up!

You can’t sit with us!

Marbleized Geode Green and Gold Wavy Simplified Border

Tæcxtile +

A multisensory textile art installation with a focus on tactile responses

part of master thesis

study of senses and art

Spring 2019

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100 x 50 cm 2018

Koske II

cotton, recycled plastic pine needles, recycled textiles, cotton wool, stone spray

2017 130 x 40 cm

Beyond the North

Marbleized Geode Green Wavy Simplified Border

an exploration and documentary to the

life in the arctic and northern finland

- ongoing project that started in 2017 ->

Marbleized Geode Full Green and Gold

Design works

- commercial

i have masters degree in interior and textile design.

my main focus is patterns, product innovations and design.

I try to find the place in design that feels right, whether it‘s colors, shapes, functions or more.

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i took part of the launch of this finnish award winning innovation as one of the winners of the design competition. my designs were on stores throughout the country. the product is expanding internationally.

For more information click here!

Photograph: Aurora shop, 2024

Color changing sauna hat

an experimental product desing for urkin piilopirtti.

this innovation was inspired by traditional sauna hats, but the print was made with thermochromatic pigment that changes colour when the air around it reached certain point.

The idea was to create an experience when you go to a sauna in this particular hotel near tampere finland.

this product will be one of the artworks of the hotel in the future. more about urkin piilopirtti here!

Interior design &

textile products

Hotelli Aakenus

hotel room renovation in rovaniemi, finland. 2018

client wanted a room redesign and i ended up with a modern color-block entrance for cleaning comfort and visual clue. i used clean lines and materials, soft colors, and strong contrasts. i also designed an informational poster for the rooms and sold a pattern design spesifically made for the clients. 3d-modeling used : sketchup

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Logo design

Ylikiimingin kotiseutuyhdistys

logo and brand design for ylikiimingin kotiseutuyhdistys ry.

client wanted something traditional, yet modern to be showcased at their annual summer event 2020 and to be used in future events . client wanted something traditional so i incorporated the sprigs around the round shape. they also wanted the tar barrels to be in the design and the establishment year of the organisation. the final design is five different logo marks that can be used differently.

Marbleized Geode Decorative Accent Texture Border


e-textile prototype of a multisensory textile art installation using

bare conductive microcontrollers

sensors triggered by touch start a sound installation built inside the chair

spring 2020

An illustration for a Christmas launch

"Sleigh" - 2020

Marbleized Geode Purple and Gold Swirl Border Accent